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original bike racks for the cycling enthusiast’s van, home, office and beyond.

BikeStow, our sister brand, officially launched in late 2018 at the NEC Cycle Show. Initially our racks were meant only as a solution to our family problem of having too many bikes, and not having a safe, easy, and reliable way of transporting or storing them.

BikeStow has since become one of the go-to brands for quality plywood bike racks, having been described as “the standout bike product tested this year” and “the ultimate van, home, or workshop bike racking system” which “blurs the lines between designer furniture and logistics”

Following the success of BikeStow, we opened up our facilities, knowledge, and experience to others in the form of Laight Designs Ltd. The purpose: to offer first-class design and manufacturing services whilst helping those cross the bridge from design to manufacture, as we did several years ago.